It began as a simple idea: to create a large scale public parade to celebrate strippers. With a rich history of risque sexiness, Las Vegas was the obvious location. When Cory Mervis (founder of the Las Vegas Halloween Parade) connected with Polly Superstar (founder of Kinky Salon/ Mission Control) the idea blossomed into a plan. The first step was to enlist a Board Of Smart Strippers (AKA The BOSS) so the voice of strippers could direct the organization. The vision expanded into a whole weekend of events: A Stripper Showcase, featuring stripper comedians, artists, musicians, storytellers, and performers who all make their art possible from their job; a two day industry only B2B Expo featuring classes, speakers and vendors geared towards the real needs of strippers; a wild pool party with DJs, live entertainment, and poolside VIP suites; and, of course, a massive public parade.

Cory and Polly have been working full time since June 2018. Initially they were in research mode, creating a plan. Since then they have found the perfect location for all their events. They have chosen a route in Downtown Las Vegas for the parade route, and met with the City of Las Vegas and had their plan approved. They have the blessing of the Mayor and their government Representative. In Vegas-speak, they are “all in.” They have expanded their team to include sex-positive social media mavens 7 Veils, and legendary publicist Brian Scott Gross from BSG PR (whose clients include the AVN Expo, Lollapalooza and Vivid Entertainment!) They have brought on board event production teams to work with the various facets of the event. They are guided by the BOSS, whose members are dedicated to making sure the real needs of strippers are represented.















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