Cory & Polly The Co-Producers

Cory Mervis

“I am a producer of large-scale events and projects that celebrate the formation of community around the integration of art into a civic context. I am committed to being a source of inspiration for positive change in the world through art.”

Past Projects Include:
2010-2014 Creator/ Producer of Las Vegas Halloween Parade
2014 Producer of Flames of Change- Lucky Lady Lucy
2012- 2014 Cultural Attaché for Burning Man Project
2001-2004 NYC Decompression
2012-2014 Art Production Fund at Cosmopolitan Hotel

“I have been supportive of Cory’s successes, the Las Vegas Halloween Parade and her efforts on behalf of Experimental Arts and Learning. She has established relationships with City Hall and has earned a reputation for being one of the leading cultural producers in our city.”
Oscar Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas from 1999 to 2011

Polly Superstar

“I am a 21st century sex culture revolutionary with over 15 years in culturally progressive event production. I am a spearhead for contemporary and forward thinking sex culture. My award winning and paradigm-shifting event, Kinky Salon, takes place in cities across Europe and North America.”

Projects include:
Author of Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary 
2001-Present Founder and President Mission Control 501(c)(7) Social Club
2003-Present Founder and Director Kinky Salon, now in 14 cities globally
2003-2011 Founder and Co-director at Moral Minority Event Production
2004-2011 Co-producer of VIP Lounge at Exotic Erotic Ball
2009-2012 Co-producer of Lagunitas Beer Circus

Polly is a fearless love warrior whose love knows no bounds. Adventurous, fun, funny on the cutting edge of party science. Polly is the hostess with the mostess and  lives her life as art.”
Annie Sprinkle, PhD, Author, Artist, Post-Porn Feminist








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