Ivizia Dakini Fashion designer. Fire performer. Vaudeville and burlesque event producer. Featured entertainer.

Ivizia Dakini

Ivizia is a Las Vegas based entertainer who has been thrilling audiences around the world since 2001. With over 18 years of specializing in fire performance, she has also become a premiere variety entertainer and is guaranteed to ignite your fantasies. In addition to her hotter talent, Ivizia’s repertoire includes roller-skating, cube spinning, comedy and a unique puppetry performance that may just give you a “religious experience”

Ivizia is the 2016 “Queen of Roses” at Oregon Burlesque Festival and holds the title for Miss Exotic Oregon 2016.

She was voted “Most Extreme Show” at 2017 EDI Awards.

She won the “Keeping Portland Weird” award at the Oregon Burlesque Festival in 2014, and has won awards for PDX Strippies 2013, and 2014 Best Costuming.

Ivizia produces vaudevillian events such as Pee Wee’s Burlesquehouse, Fire Entertainer of the Year Competition, Turkkusex Strip-search, Wheel of Burlesque and Cirque Erotique in Finland.

Ivizia has worked along with Vau Du Vire Society, Wanderlust Circus, Stilt Circus, Firerotica, Societas Insomnia and Garnish, and has competed in “Les Maîtres du Feu” in Canada. She has featured all around the USA and has performed internationally at the London Burlesque Festival,  New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, England and Finland.

The beautiful costumes you see her wearing on stage are creations from her clothing company, Carnie Couture.  Ivizia creates one of a kind specialty costumes for circus performers of all types.  In 2013, her Carnie Couture designs were featured in Inked Fashion Magazine, as well as The Burro. Her designs have graced stages all over the world including America’s Got Talent  In collaboration with photographers all over the west coast.



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